What is Sarking?
Sarking is flexible, reflective membrane that is secured down underneath the battens.
There are many benefits of sarking. These benefits include thermal insulation, dust reduction within the roof space, and prevention of wind driven rain leaking into the roof space.
Sarking can also be used to increase a home’s energy rating.
Depending on the area BAL ratings, and/or the pitch of your roof, sarking may be required.


Does your roof require sarking due to the pitch? Click Here to find out.


Anti-Ponding Device/Board


A lining fixed along the eaves line from the top of the facia back up the rafter with a clearance of approximately 50 mm below the first batten, which prevents the sarking from ponding or sagging due to the accumulation of moisture.
Note: The anti-ponding device/board should be waterproof or water-resistant

An anti-ponding device/board shall be provided as follows:
(a) On sarked roofs with pitches of 20° or less.
(b) On all roof pitches where there are no eaves overhang.